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Remedial Overview

JPS Remedial offer a wide range of Remedial Services to ensure that your inventory gets the correct treatment to meet your requirements.


We specialise in Footwear, Clothing and Accessories - offering an end-to-end service that allows us to provide Retailers, Wholesalers and Importers with a full remedial service that gives complete assurance.

With the expertise of our specialist operations team, we aim to make the process of handling your requirements as straight forward as possible. As well as organising the collection and delivery of your inventory, we are able to provide regular progress reports and updates as to its current status. We offer a cost effective and quality assured service to industry standards.

Footwear & Clothing Specific Services
Footwear Repairs


We have a wealth of experience in repairing footwear and accessories, and undertake all remedial repairs to include:


  • Stitching

  • Eyelet Repair/Relace

  • Buckle repairs

  • Solder Bonding

  • Heel Attachment

  • Suede Fix

  • Sizing

  • Finishing


Footwear Finishing/Restoring


  • Shoe Rooming

  • De-Creasing

  • Leather and Synthetic Finishing

  • Colour fastening and sealing

Mould Treatment

  • Cleaning/De-Moulding

  • Full Stock Quality Inspection from Sample to 100% AQL

  • In-Depth Expertise to Treat & Remedy Mould Contaminated Products

Debranding, Re-Labelling and Re-Packaging


We are always aware of the need for you to protect your Brand Identity whilst also maximising the possible Commercial Return on your Inventory. We can offer the following:

  • Full Product De-branding including the Removal of Swing Tags, Product Codes, Barcodes & Packaging

  • Full Re-Labelling Service to ensure Inventory is Re-Branded or no longer Brand-Identifiable

  • Product Re-packaging as per Client Requirements

  • In-House Garment Rectification and Re-Labelling

Quality Assurance
We have a team dedicated to Quality Inspection and can offer quick response Inspections from AQL 2.5-100%. Our team understands commercially acceptable standards and we offer various re-work possibilities to maximise good stock.
We have experience in identifying and dealing with the following common issues:
  • Checking for matching vamp depths

  • Ensuring back heights match

  • Correct labelling/sizing and branding

  • Glue marks or staining

  • Top lines are taught (Not gaping)

  • Top pieces are securely attached

  • Ferrous and Non-ferrous Metal Detection

  • Metal trims are not tarnished

  • Socks and trims are correctly glued

  • Uppers match in grain and shade

  • Ensuring no sharp eyelets or ski hooks

  • Checking for missing diamantes/jewels

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We are here to assist. Contact us by phone, email or via our Social Media channels.

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